Say YES to your PETS – This is Your Pet / Your Plan:

DOYLESTOWNDOGS has the luxury of being a small flexible pet company, and we understand that one size/service doesn’t fit all. Please explain what your needs/situation are/is, and I will tailor an affordable/effective service to suit your needs. In other words: DOYLESTOWNDOGS is interested in saying YES. Examples: Do you do late night visits? YES. Do you have experience with senior pets? YES. Are you available for visits on short notice? YES. Do you like waffles and ice cream? OH YES!

DOYLESTOWNDOGS is interested in working with our clients in addition to for them. Prices are determined according to: time spent (including travel), number of animals cared for, and any additional services requested/provided.  We’re available to water plants, help move furniture, or clean up and mow your yard.

At this time DOYLESTOWNDOGS does not offer overnight sleepover services. We do morning, midday, afternoon, and evening visits but we don’t spend the night in client’s homes.



When contacted by a new client or potential client DOYLESTOWNDOGS will set up a meeting at the client’s home, to meet the owners and their pets. Through discussion, we will construct a plan for care while the owner is unavailable, and become familiar with the pet’s personality and preferences. We will learn where equipment is kept, where the pets eat and sleep, and any other relevant information. All new clients are entitled to one free meet and greet!

Duration: 15-20 Minutes
Price: Free


The purpose of the Standard Visit is to meet your pet’s basic needs during your absence. It could include feeding, walking, backyard playtime, basement playtime, belly rubs, litter-box cleaning, buddy time, and biscuits. Standard visits are offered in the morning, midday, afternoon, and evening (special service), and provide an excellent way for you to give your pet a break during a long working day, or as a substitute for kennel service during your getaways. Pets are most comfortable in their own homes, and this service allows you to leave your loved ones at home, while you take time for yourself away. Standard visits are by far our most popular service.

Duration: Up to 30 Minutes
Price: $30 per visit


The special visit is a standard visit with special circumstances: holidays, evening hours, extra travel, medical care required, or other miscellaneous requests. All evening visits are considered special services, along with extra travel (beyond Doylestown) or unexpected but necessary clean-up.

Duration: Up to 30 Minutes
Price: $32 per visit ($34 outside of Doylestown)


This visit will provide your pet with 45 minutes of companionship and a combination of fresh air and fun. We will consult with you about what exactly the possibilities include: A neighborhood walk/run, a game of fetch/Frisbee, a friend to hang out with and keep company (cats need company too), feedings, and care.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: $45 per visit


Invest in the health and happiness of your pet(s) by treating them to a specialized session of individual attention. Treat your dog to a hike, a long run, a playdate, or just an hour of chill time with one of our doggers. This visit provides the peace and calm of content and tired dogs!

Duration: 1 Hour
Price: $55 per visit


This visit is used when clients are asking for something unique that must be discussed and individually planned/created. Transports to the vet/groomer or playdates to the park for example. The price will be determined for each job and the client will be given a quote before service is implemented. DOYLESTOWNDOGS values our clients and if we can help in some specific way!

Duration: TBA
Price: TBA


If you want to include your dog(s) in your event call DOYLESTOWNDOGS. We will be there to escort your pup through each segment of your special day. Make sure your photographs and memories include your best friend; inquire about an hourly rate for professional dog handling🥂

Duration: TBA
Price: TBA