Say YES to your PETS – This is Your Pet / Your Plan:

DOYLESTOWNDOGS has the luxury of being a small flexible pet company, and we understand that one size/service doesn’t fit all. Please explain what your needs/situation are/is, and I will tailor an affordable/effective service to suit your needs. In other words: DOYLESTOWNDOGS is interested in saying YES. Examples: Do you do late night visits? YES. Do you have experience with senior pets? YES. Are you available for visits on short notice? YES. Do you like waffles and ice cream? OH YES!

DOYLESTOWNDOGS is interested in working with our clients in addition to for them. Prices are determined according to: time spent (including travel), number of animals cared for, and any additional services requested/provided.  We’re available to water plants, help move furniture, or clean up and mow your yard.



The purpose of the Standard Visit is to fill their belly and/or empty their bladder; could include a walk, backyard play time, belly rubs, brushings, and biscuits.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: $25 per visit


This visit will provide your pet with approximately 60 minutes of companionship and a combination of fresh air and fun. We will consult with you about what exactly the possibilities include: A neighborhood walk/run, a game of fetch/Frisbee, a friend to hang out with and keep company (cats need company too sometimes), and feedings.

Duration: 60 Minutes
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Do you have a variety of different creatures in your family who require specialized skills and care? Do you think that finding someone who can handle your particular handful is unlikely, and therefore going away is impossible? Do you know that DoylestownDogsLLC is equipped to care for diabetic dogs, and cats, ferrets and chickens, goats and guinea pigs, pot belly pigs, newts, fish, lizards, turtles, bunnies, and cockatiel, parakeets, and plenty of plants plants.

Duration: TBD
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You’re not sure what to request because things are  still up in the air… Your pet needs a transport or specialized care. DOYLESTOWNDOGS is flexible and fair! We will provide care whenever/however we can! Let’s talk/text first and then we will schedule service.

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Pupper Play dates – (By invitation). DD coordinates and arranges compatible  playgroups based upon dog’s personalities and dispositions. Playgroups are small, seasonal, and supervised by 2-3 pet technicians. (Ask Ben in you’re interested).

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Is your buddy lost on the couch getting sauced? For a run in the sun and a splash in the creek, treat your dog to a jog, “Bennytime”- once a week! (Limited availability)!!

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