A Cat Tree Apology


DoylestownDogs is a good name, and we couldn’t resist choosing it. Alliteration aside dogs make up a majority of our business, and dogs are much more likely to smile for the camera and like our Instagram posts. Dogs are kind and fun and silly and snuggly and sincere; DoylestownDogs makes sense.

Still, cats are just as cuddly and incredibly cute. Cats are cool and compelling and selectively kind. Cats don’t smile for the camera, but in truth neither do dogs, even when their faces flash a grin. Perhaps cats would choose us as pet-sitters more if our name acknowledged their existence, but that’s just speculation and conjecture.

We know it will take more than a bone or a blog post to convince cats that we truly care. Consider this can of fresh tuna atop an apologetic cat tree… an admission of insensitivity. All of us here at DoylestownDogsLLC would like to say we’re sorry. We apologize for snubbing our feline brothers and sisters with whiskers. We do indeed love every cat and every dog!

Thanks to our friends for reading this blog:-)