DOYLESTOWNDOGS is interested in working with our clients in addition to for them. Our prices are based upon a $25 per/hour wage standard. $10 is our minimum price for a local visit. Prices are determined according to: time spent (including travel), # of animals cared for, and any additional services requested/provided.  We’re available to water plants, help move furniture, or clean up and mow your yard.  DOYLESTOWNDOGS won’t charge extra $ on holidays; we realize that holiday travel is costly.



This is a quick visit to provide relief when your pet’s paws are crossed. It could be as simple as opening your back door to the fenced in yard, or a quick leashed potty break. It includes a healthy biscuit, if appropriate, and of course a little lovin’.
$10 – $15


This visit will provide your pet with a combination of food, fresh air, and affection (just food for fish:-). DOYLESTOWNDOGS will consult with you and your pet(s) about what exactly “fresh air” means, but the possibilities include: walking, running, wrestling, fetching, frisbeeing, frolicking, and philosophizing (mostly for cats), dogs are rarely deep).
$20 – $30


This is an extended party/picnic to provide your pet with 1-3 hour(s) of hiking, tubbing, clubbing, and/or belly rubbing. If you’re going to be away for the day and your pets are either in need of exercise or susceptible to lonesomeness then the soiree is something you can treat them to. The extended time allows us to engage in their favorite activity which may or may not necessitate a bath. (We won’t actually be clubbing with any of your pets, nor will we bathe your fish).
$25 per/hour


This is overnight care, a perfect alternative to a kennel and/or a pet friendly hotel. Have DOYLESTOWNDOGS take care of your pet(s) when you’re away. We will either provide a combination of nighttime and early morning visits, or we will actually sleep at your pet’s palace. If we sleep over we will provide our own bedding and be there to keep your pet’s routine from being disrupted. The sleepover is offered based upon our availability so make arrangements as early as possible so we can accommodate your traveling needs.
$50 – $75 for 1 night
$100 – $150 for 2 nights
$150 – $225 for 3 nights


This is care provided to your pet for a variety of situations including: post-operative care, party hosting, and/or park visits during the day. Prices for the special will be based upon our $25/hour standard rate and depending upon circumstances, travel, and rigor may be adjusted accordingly. Included in this category are emergency visits which will be accommodated whenever possible, just call!